Review of “Clean Gut”

Review of “Clean Gut”

I’ve given a little time during my life to reading books about diet and health.

Lately, I stepped by chance on a documentary entitled “Food, Inc.”, available in Netflix. The film examines corporate farming and industrial production practices in the United States, and concludes that an important portion of foods (meat, grains and vegetables) sold in markets are unhealthy and very likely to cause disease. My reaction was a mixture of surprise, frustration and skepticism.

After some more research, it soon became obvious that many of the facts in the movie are indeed true. Consensus among doctors and health organizations is crystal-clear that there is a real issue with foods in the United States. Obesity, a wide-spread disease in the US, is only one manifestation of unhealthy eating. The documentary explains how food companies, in order to raise more income, automate food production to levels that have become inhumane. The goal is no longer to provide consumers with the best quality of foods, but to manufacture and distribute products that can stand longer on the shelves before they decompose.

Watching this documentary urged me to reconsider my eating habits. Reading the book “Clean Gut” by M.D. Alerjandro Junger has been a first step.

The book has been very simple to read, making it accessible to whoever wants to learn more about good diet and health. It explains the central role the gut system plays in overall health, and how gut dysfunction is at the root of many diseases. It then provides ways to treat the problem from the roots by eliminating toxins. The clean gut diet program, explained at the end of the book, is a way to reduce toxic triggers and represents a step towards a healthier lifestyle. After completing the book, I found myself tempted to try some of the advice provided as part of this program. However, adopting the full program seemed very demanding and a much greater challenge than I was expecting before I read the book. Perhaps I will undertake this challenge someday …

My favorite quote in the book is: “Next time you shop the aisles of a supermarket, remember the longer the shelf life of what you are eating, the shorter your life will be.”

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