SEG 2016

SEG 2016

I had a good time attending this year’s SEG convention.

SEG stands for Society of Exploration Geophysicists and is the largest community of geophysicists worldwide. Industries and Academia come together during this annual meeting to connect and share the latest findings/innovations in geophysics.

I gave my first SEG technical presentation during this convention. This was also my first time in Dallas.

I find Dallas not very different from Houston. Everything in this city seems large-scale. Food is served in big portions. The city is not walking friendly and having a car is an imperative.

If you’re looking for a good hotel, I recommend Omni. It’s conveniently located downtown and was nearby the convention center. The hotel has nice facilities and good service. The dining is of decent quality.

Talk about Broadband Seismic from different vendors and oil companies continued. However, unlike in previous SEG conventions, there were no new broadband acquisition systems. Vendors publicized their improved broadband processing workflows. Zero-offset related technologies were highlighted with the use of NFH by Down-Under and TopSeis acquisition by CGG. Motivated by the low oil price environment, some companies presented improvements to their simultaneous source and sparse sampling technologies. The topics of data reconstruction and the use of multiples for shallow-water imaging have known little progress. The FWI sessions had several attendees, as usual. There seemed to be some strong interest in the low frequencies to mitigate cycle skipping for more accurate velocity model building.

This year’s prestigious medal went to Professor Arthur Weglein from the university of Houston. The second most prestigious medal was awarded to Gerhard Pratt and Laurent Sirgue for their contributions to the full waveform inversion. A good talk by Gerhard Pratt on Waveform Tomography is accessible here.

In Wednesday night there was a “cowboy-style” wrap-up party. It was nice to see how agile some world-renowned geophysicists were on the dance floor.

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